WM Doll 140cm (4.7ft) TPE – A & D Cup

A cup & D cup

The WM doll 140cm A & D cup is one of the best seller sizes from this manufacturer. These sexy dolls have an articulated metallic skeleton that can do the same as a real woman can.

The 140cm A-cup and D-cup sex dolls do not include the outfit shown in their photos.

You can find clothing separately or go with the one provided for free.

An affordable sex doll 

As it is the perfect combination of size and price ratio, this 140cm life-size adult doll is the best buy for a new sex doll and go through the learning curve. It’s easy to move and carry, the TPE is also easy to clean and repair.

Included in each box: Blanket, handling gloves, a vaginal irrigator, and basic random lingerie.

Easy customization

The 140cm WM dolls are very easy to customize. Available: Standing option, Enhanced mouth, insert or built-in vagina, skin color. Also, you can choose your wig, head, eyes color!

Extra head for love dolls and outfits available to purchase separately!

Please note that before shipping you will see the doll ready to ship and you will still be able to change some easy option, head, wig, eyes.

If you don’t find the setup you like don’t hesitate to contact us!

With all our sex dolls we also include

A random outfit (unless you specify which one you want during the order), a blanket, a pair of gloves to manipulate your doll, and a vaginal irrigator.

Additional Information

You can check all the options list here: WM Dolls options step by step.

All our sex dolls are including a certificate from WM Doll. This ensures you shop a genuine product at the best price!.