Ready to Ship Sex Dolls

Here are our ready-to-ship sex dolls, some are stored in the US, others in China.

You can check our locations by category.


For obvious reasons all these dolls are preset, some will have a cheaper price, others will be bundled (extra head, wig, free upgrades). Do not hesitate to check all the doll details.

Shipping Delay

Once you confirm the order (after receiving the picture of the doll in the warehouse), we can dispatch it within a few days. For the US, from ordering to delivery it will only a couple of days.

For ready-to-ship sex dolls in China, we can ship them in a few days. Shipping is usually 1 week towards the US. For Europe, clearance (if available) can take up to 4 weeks.

Extra options: inserts, wigs, TPE repair kit, etc…

If you order extra products with your ready-to-ship sex doll, note that you will have to wait for the extra products as they will be shipped directly from the factories.

Any questions feel free to contact us.