Angel Kiss – Silicone Sex Dolls

Angel Kiss Silicone sex dolls are the Silicone brand of WM Doll. They are known for their high-end TPE dolls, and now they are offering high-quality Silicone Love Dolls.

Angel Kiss logo

Realism before everything

Going into Silicone is for WM Doll a way to increase the realism of their sex dolls, with ultra-detailed heads and high-quality bodies they bring their products to an upper level with Angel Kiss Silicone Dolls

Customize your doll

Like all other silicone sex doll brands, you can customize your doll as you like.

If you don’t find the option you like or the setup please get in touch with us, and we will check it out with you.

All dolls are coming with Implanted Hair (synthetic) same as photo shooting.

Special make-up

It is possible to have special make-up on the face, or if you want more realism, on the body. Make-up is not permanent but can be perfect for photo shooting.

Contact us for more information.

Our Angel Kiss Silicone Selection

AK Doll – 158cm (5,18ft) – D cup – Silicone

158cm (5.18ft) Silicone Sex Doll – D cup – AK Dolls – Head 70