Irontech Doll – TPE Sex Doll

Irontech Doll offers a large collection of TPE sex dolls and also Silicone ones.

Large choice of different bodies

With the dolls from Irontech, you will have a large choice of different body shapes, take time to look at all of them and you will definitely find the one you like. If you have a specific body you would like to find, tell us more and we will help you to find it for you.

Customization options

All TPE sex dolls can be customized the way you like. All our sex dolls are made upon order so do not hesitate to change a little detail if you like it better than the photo-shooting setup.

Each size features a different setup for each doll.

Fast production and shipping

Irontech Doll is also known for a fast production line, usually, a doll takes 1 week to get ready!

Custom Orders and make-up

To some extent, we can enhance some parts. For example, we can trim the wig, or make the nails shorter. We can also change the make-up of the doll.

Ask us and we will make our best to meet your expectations.

Mini love doll

You can find here the starter series from Irontech Doll

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