SY Doll 158cm Small Breast (5ft18) TPE

This the SY doll 158cm Small breast TPE sex doll section. 158cm with bigger breast are available here.

Here are the quick body details :

Bust 80cm (31,5″)
Arms 50cm (19,68″)
Waist 56cm (22″)
Hips 83cm (32,6″)

For more details you can check the 158cm small breast product page

How to order the SY Doll 158cm small breast.

Each sex doll can be customized. You can choose for a pre-setup doll. For example Hayleen and choose any option to change. Or go for each option one by one.

Option like standing feet will help you to have your doll to standup by herself.

All prices are including shipping cost worldwide. If you have special request or any inquiry/question feel free to contact us !

These 158cm small breast sex dolls are fully posable with a metallic skeleton. TPE is tested and fully traceable for your safety.