Sex Torso Collection

You can buy your sex torso either in TPE or Silicone depending on the brand you choose. Rest assured that the quality is the same as the bigger sex dolls but in a smaller package.

Perfect to save space

Torsos are a good alternative for customers living in a small place or have little space to conceal a bigger size doll.

Even it’s smaller than a real sex doll. The torso still comes with the same quality as a full-size sex doll for the high-end perks. Same metallic skeleton, and same TPE.

Share the same options as the bigger dolls

You can buy your torso with or without head. Head can also be changed by another one from the same manufacturer.

Like all real-size sex dolls, we send all orders in the discreet package for total privacy.

If you have any inquiries about the customization feel free to contact us.