SY Doll TPE Sex Dolls

SY Doll is a brand of sex dolls established in 2015 in Shenzhen (China).

Like other brands in the TPE Love Doll, they only work with reliable TPE tested and compliant with Euro and US norms.

SY Dolls are well known for its super fat ass doll! that beats all the other brands!

Products range goes from 157cm to 176cm Sex Dolls in different configurations (small and big breasts, bigger hips, juicy ass).

Customize your doll as you like it

It is possible to edit the wig, eyes, pubic hairs, …,  and the very convenient standing option. This standing feet option will help the doll to stand up by herself.
How to buy your SY Doll
You can choose a pre-option doll that is a photo-shooting from the manufacturer.

Or you can build your beauty from scratch.

Also, It is possible to edit some options of a pre-optioned TPE sexy sex doll to match the body you are dreaming of!

Before each shipment, you will receive pictures of your doll for you to double-check if everything is correct.

Ready to Ship: USA

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