WM Doll 170cm (5ft57) TPE – D, H & M cup

Do you want your WM Doll 170cm sex doll with large breasts or very large breasts?

Get your sex doll the way you dream her

The sex dolls below are pre-optioned Sex dolls. You can change one or more options for each doll. Or you can start directly from the body and choose all the options you need one by one.

Shipping & Delivery

The delivery time for a 170cm TPE Love Doll is usually 2-3 weeks after you place the order. We need 10 days to manufacture the doll and the shipping is usually 5 days (in the USA and Europe).

2 weeks after your purchase you will receive pictures of the doll to double-check the overall look. At this time you can still change some details. If it’s ok we prepare the shipping.

Additional Information

You can check all the options listed here: WM Dolls options step by step.

All our sex dolls are including a certificate from WM Doll. This ensures you shop for a genuine product at the best price!.


WM Doll 170cm (5ft57) TPE - D, H & M cup

170cm (5,57ft) D cup TPE – Blonde Milf – WM Dolls – Filipa



WM Doll 170cm (5ft57) TPE - D, H & M cup

170cm TPE – WM Dolls – Shemale – Mandy



WM Doll 170cm (5ft57) TPE - D, H & M cup

170cm TPE Sex Doll – Bibi