Customs clearance process for Sex Dolls

Custom Clearance

Customs Clearance Process

The customs clearance process is something that happens when you order products from overseas. 

It might looks very complicated but truly it’s not !

customs clearance
customs clearance is not that hard !

Let’s see how it works!

Imagine you want to order a product from Europe and you live in the USA. You can either order by regular postage service or you can use an express company (FedEx for example). The result will be the same for the 2 solutions but the way to solve it is more complicated from one form to another.

Each product entering your country has to go through customs, this is the customs clearance process.

The process is to pay import taxes (if applicable) and the VAT on this product. Some countries are very strict on this, such as Europe, and some less strict, the USA.

Postage solution

If you ordered by postage, the parcel will remain held by the customs, and notify you to come to pick it up and pay the taxes in person. This is the more time-consuming method because you will have to go by yourself to the nearest post office/airport.

A long time ago it was an easy method to avoid taxes because not all the packages were checked. But it’s not true now.

Express shipping

For express shipping, it is when you order with a forwarder like FedEx (or any other of this type). They have in their service a customs clearance service that deals with thousands of orders a day for a given country.

When you order with an express company you can also easily track your order. When the product enters the country and needs customs clearance you will be notified by the forwarder services. You will receive a link to pay by credit card or bank transfer, and the parcel will be released after.  The invoice will arrive a week or two after that.

Nowadays this customs clearance process is fast and easy because of mainstream processes.

Some websites will offer you a price with VAT, in this case, the company will do the import process by itself and all fees belong to them. The customer pays all at once and will have no additional costs.

Import in the USA

It’s simple, and it’s included, for all products.

Import in Europe

Price is included for WM Dolls, YL Dolls, and AF Dolls. Soon we will offer all the prices with import taxes for all other brands.

Import in Australia

The same service as Europe, we start to have clearance there. Please contact us to know if the brand you like can have this service!

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    • Realistic Love Doll says:

      It really depends, recently we sent successfully dolls to Mexico with UPS, but you have to deal yourself with the custom clearance. We can’t help you for this, usually the forwarder will contact you to do the custom clearance and will ask you to pay the import fees.

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