TPE vs Silicone : Difference between TPE and Silicone love doll.

TPE vs Silicone

TPE vs Silicone : Difference between TPE and Silicone love doll.

TPE vs Silicone :  The difference between TPE and Silicone love dolls 


As you can see on this chart, TPE and Silicone dolls have different properties.


Silicone is stronger than the TPE and also more expensive, the durability is also better ! The pro on the TPE is the ability to resist to stretching in better way than the Silicone.


this is a tricky point. Because of the nature of the TPE (blend), you can have various quality of TPE. From brand new imported from Japan, to recycle on made in China. This have a huge impact on the price as the doll is only made with TPE (and metallic skeleton). This is why you can see the same doll as some know TPE brands like WM dolls, for twice cheaper, because it’s a copy !   This is a key factor when it comes to TPE vs Silicone buying option.


TPE is porous, so bacterias can develop easily inside with humidity and heat. These dolls require a closer attention for cleaning. Silicone ones are less “bacteria friendly”, so because of that, less bacteria less bad odor. In any of the material we recommend to clean you doll after each intercourse, for the doll, but also mostly for your safety !


At Realistic Love Doll we only sell genuine brands, so the skeletons are full motion. in this case both TPE and Silicone dolls are very realistic when it comes to movement.  The fingers are made of wire, and same for all dolls, from medium to top range, you need to pay attention while posing them.

Skin Softness,

Both TPE and Silicone dolls have a soft skin, but it’s impossible to tell which one you prefer ! For exemple me I prefer the feeling of silicone, and some of my colleagues the TPE feeling. This is a matter of taste !

Breast realism, 

An extend of softness. The TPE is more spongy than the Silicone, so the breast will be less hard. The breast of the TPE dolls are hollow breasts, because of an empty gap inside. You can request a full TPE breast if you prefer firm breasts.

Face realism, 

Both are really good, and now WM Dolls is making face with realistic tongue feature !


For small tears both are easy to repair. But for larger repairs Silicone are more hard, because it’s very hard to fill in gap like the TPE ones . In case of damage don’t wait to repair !  TPE is also easy to clean of the colour stains.

Water Proof, 

Just remind to don’t submerge the head with water and everything will be fine !  (if you have an intelligent doll avoid bath or shower as there are electronics components inside)

Heating system,

Silicone are more advanced in this field, but the TPE are starting to have some AI functions, maybe for 2018-2019 !

Any questions on our TPE vs Silicone guide feel free to ask us !

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