WM Doll 145cm TPE – C & D cup

This WM Doll 145cm TPE is a legacy body from WM Doll. If you want to buy a piece of history, the old sexy curves with the latest body enhancement and materials, this one is for you.

Perfect curves ready to get customized!

All our 145cm TPE sex dolls can be set up the way you want. You can choose options such as enhanced mouth, standing feet, or the latest skeleton with poseable shoulders.

Note that all heads from WM Dolls and YL Dolls are working with any bodies of the 2 brands.

With all our sex dolls we also include

A random outfit (unless you specify which one you want during the order), a blanket, a pair of gloves to manipulate your doll, and a vaginal irrigator.

Additional Information

You can check all the options list here: WM Dolls options step by step.

All our sex dolls are including a certificate from WM Doll. This ensures you shop for a genuine product at the best price!.

WM Doll 145cm (4ft75) TPE - C & D cup

145cm TPE Sex Doll – WM Dolls – Angelina



WM Doll 145cm (4ft75) TPE - C & D cup

145cm TPE Sex Doll – WM Dolls – Kaylia