HR Dolls TPE Sex Dolls

Affordable love dolls!   HR Dolls TPE sex dolls are offering a wide range of dolls with the option to fix a Silicone head.

A constantly updated product range

If you are looking for a new design this brand is constantly updating its content. So if you don’t find today the doll you love, you can come back a few weeks/months later and check what’s new.

Also you can start from any of their products are customize everything to build the doll you love.

Fast production and shipping

HR Doll is already known to have a quick shipping policy. Your order is usually ready within a week, once all checked and agreed she can be next to you the week after!

2 weeks from screen to your bed is really unbeatable!

Silicone heads

HR has now the option to fit a silicone head. (actually only male dolls but female are coming soon)

This premium option will bring your doll to an upper level of details.

Special Orders

Maybe you want special make-up or special outfits. If it’s possible we will do our best to help you.

What we can do: Special wig, make-up, outfit, and shipping.
What we can’t do: Change body measurement if it’s not available with options.

If you have a special inquiry or if you don’t find the option you are looking for feel free to contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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