YL Doll – Mini Sex Dolls

If you are lacking space or looking for something light to carry, the YL Doll – Mini Sex Dolls are the perfect choice for you.

Same customization as the bigger sex dolls

Don’t worry about the options list, it is as flexible as the bigger ones. Just remind that when you choose another head these mini sex dolls are “mini” so some heads can be a little bit too big for the size of the doll.

To make sure everything fits perfectly send us a message with the desired head. If the factory has one available we can do a quick snapshot with the body and the head to check the size.

YL Doll mini sex dolls, production time, and shipping

For all orders, we produce a new doll. You are sure to receive a brand-new product and this takes time. Because it is the same factory as WM Doll the production is usually between 2 weeks.

Shipping time is usually a week, but unexpected delays can happen (the Christmas season for example is always a little bit slower).

Special make-up and request

We can do special make-up with no extra cost, also if you need a different nipple or labia colors just send us a message. We will try our best to make it happen.

YL Dolls Minis