6YE – Mini TPE Dolls – 105cm

These tiny sex dolls are packed with big breasts and big butts in only 105cm! The perfect doll to buy if you lack storage space.


Height: 105cm / 3ft 5in – head included
Weight: 14kg / 30.8 lbs – head included
Bust: 65cm / 25.6in
Under-bust: 35cm / 13.8in
Waist: 33cm / 13in
Hip:65cm / 25.6in
Foot length: 19cm / 7.5in
Thigh Circum: 37cm / 14.5in

Production & Shipping

After the production (Usually between 1 week to 2 weeks) you will receive pictures to double-check that everything is correct.

Shipping is done by express company and for the US, Europe, and Japan we are sending with custom clearance included (check the Shipping options on the doll’s page to have detailed transit time)

Small dolls can’t be shipped to Australia and UK

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