AF Doll – Affordable TPE Sex Dolls

If you are new to the doll hobby, or if you are looking for some affordable TPE sex dolls, AF doll is the brand you are looking for.

Sensors and moaning for TPE dolls

With AF doll you can choose the sounds option to add some realism during your intercourse.

Activated sensors will make the doll moan (options for breasts, thighs, vagina)

Usually, these options are for Silicone sex dolls but here you can find it on a budget.

Large selection of bodies

Starting from 140cm, all our dolls a featuring different bodies. From thick breasts to extra large breasts. Muscular body to chubby lines!

Fully customizable, check all options here

Because of the very large quantity of heads, you can find all of them here: AF Doll Heads

If you want a doll with a head, not on the customization list please let us know. We will arrange it for you!

All AF dolls can be fully customized

You can shop directly same as the photo-shooting. Or you can edit some or all options!

If you need assistance with the options, or he you have a special request do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you!

Discreet shipping and free items

Each order is shipped in a discreet carton and includes everything you need to take care of your doll right away when you receive it.

Included: Comb, Gloves, Vagina heater, Vagina cleaner, Blanket.

AF Dolls: The perfect companions for intimate experiences