AF Doll – Affordable TPE Sex Dolls

If you’re new to the doll hobby or seeking affordable TPE sex dolls, AF Doll is the brand for you.

Sensors and Moaning for TPE Dolls

With AF Doll, you can opt for sound features to enhance realism during your intimate moments.

Activated sensors trigger moaning in the doll (options for breasts, thighs, vagina).

Usually, these features are found in silicone sex dolls, but here, you can get them on a budget.

Wide Selection of Bodies

Starting from 140cm, all our dolls feature various body types. From ample breasts to extra-large ones. Muscular builds to curvier lines!

Fully Customizable, Explore All Options Here

With an extensive range of heads available, you can find them all here: AF Doll Heads.

If you want a doll with a head not listed in the customization options, please let us know. We’ll make arrangements for you!

All AF Dolls are Fully Customizable

You can order directly as shown in the photoshoot or customize some or all options!

If you need assistance with the options or have special requests, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!

Discreet Shipping and Free Items

Each order is shipped discreetly in plain packaging and includes all necessary items to care for your doll upon arrival.

Included: Comb, Gloves, Vagina Heater, Vagina Cleaner, Blanket.

AF Dolls: The Perfect Companions for Intimate Experiences