YL Dolls 160cm M cup & Huge tities TPE SeX DOLLS

This is our selection of YL Doll of 160cm.

All these sex dolls have the EVO skeleton (improved neck and moving shoulders) but if you choose the heating option it will be the legacy skeleton due to the internal wires.

All these YL Dolls are delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Mega breasts or Fuckable Breasts!

You can find 2 types of breasts within this category. And one will allow you to explore new ways to interact with your doll!

Customize your YL Dolls 160cm TPE the way you like

You will find different variations of the same body, do not hesitate to make small variations from an example or you can also change every single part to build a doll from scratch. You will see the result before shipping and you will be able to change the wig or makeup to adjust it the way you like.

Our Mega Breasts Dolls!