WM Doll 160cm (5ft3) TPE

Our collection of WM Doll 160cm TPE sex dolls from A, B & D cup breasts.

Life-like body sizes with medium to large breasts choice

Shop our WM Doll sex dolls and fall in love with these realistic bodies!

With 160cm you start to have real size women, and realistic measurements. D cup sex dolls can have the gel option breast for enhanced breasts experience!

Easy to set up and to customize

All our Wm Doll 160cm sex dolls can setup from head to toe. Choose the head you want, the wig, the eyes, nail polish. Your doll can stay like photo-shooting or be totally different!

All measurement, shipping information is on the products pages

With all our sex dolls we also include

A random outfit, a blanket, a pair of gloves to manipulate your doll, and vaginal irrigators.

Additional Information

You can check all the options list here: WM Dolls options step by step.

Certificate of Authenticity

All our sex dolls are including a certificate from WM Doll. This ensures you shop a genuine product at the best price!.