Jarliet Doll 157cm TPE B and C Cup

If you are looking for a doll with a slim body or a more curvaceous doll, this size Jarliet doll 157cm TPE B and C cup offers several choices

TPE 157cm TPE B and C cup

This doll size offers 2 different bodies, a slimmer body with a B cup, and a fuller body with a C cup.

Production and delivery

Production is usually done within 10 days, once you have confirmed all the photos before shipping, it is a 2 weeks trip to the US (with customs clearance) or 6 weeks to Europe (with customs clearance).

You can also check out the Jarliet dolls ready to ship if they are available near you!

Muñecas Jarliet 157cm TPE Copa B y C

157cm Sex Dolls (5ft15) – Jarliet – Kari