These pictures are our pre-shipping real sex dolls. Awaiting the customer’s final approval. 

In the order process you will go through different steps.

The very first is customize your beauty from our real sex doll catalogue. Reminder, all dolls can be customized, either from the photo-shooting product, or from the body selection page.

  • Love Doll’s order flow

Once you have paid your order, you receive an email with all the detail of your order, like this exemple below.  For Europe you can either ask us directly to manage the import process, we will quote you the cost. or shop with our European company on our dedicated European Sex Doll Boutique with VAT included prices.


Order form Joanna
Order form Joanna

After waiting around 10 days to 2 weeks (these are the usual timeframe for dolls without special instructions) the doll is ready to dispatch. Factory will take picture of your order and at random occasion it’s our QC team that will be in charge to inspect the doll.

  • Checking your sex doll’s order.

You will receive pictures like the examples below. These Real Sex Dolls pictures are raw, no special lighting, no special effect or photoshop. You even see sometimes the talcum powder on it.

This stage when you order real sex dolls is really important. You can check the head and wig, if the eyes colours are correct. At this stage it is possible to change some parts or alter others. For example you can change the wig, the eyes, or even the head.

Speaking of changing head, the process of producing like life love dolls is by batches, both bodies and head and casted from the the same TPE. So if you take a head for another batch, it is possible we can’t have the exact same colour if you requested something very specific (very dark, or super super white).

  • Shipping of your order

Once you agreed on all points of your order, your love doll will be dispatched within a few days.

You can check after the route of your love doll with the tracking number provided. It is possible to arrange with the shipping company a new schedule for delivery or request a pickup deliver service to your nearest delivery hub.