Stand Alone WM Dolls – TPE Heads

Here are our collection of TPE sex dolls from WM Dolls. They are from the Jinsan factory same as YL Dolls so they are inter-compatible.

TPE Heads options

All the heads can have the Enhanced mouth options for more realism.

For the implanted hair option, the head must go through a special treatment that makes the TPE super hard. This way no more Oral sex will be possible, and the head can’t receive the enhanced mouth option.

Special make-up

If you want special make-up or anything custom-made, let us know. We will make our best to make It happen.

You don’t find the head you like?

If you don’t find the head you want on our list, because the number of the head is very huge, please contact us. We will double confirm everything together and find the right head for you.