Sex Dolls Accessories

Find the perfect accessory for your love doll!  From sexy lingerie or sexy nurse outfits to flying cases!  Anything for your lovely sex doll.

  • Sexy outfits

All outfits comply with the usage of dolls. There are no metallic parts that can damage the doll, the fitting is stretchy to best fit your love doll. We recommend a size of 140cm for sexy lingerie and 150cm for other outfits (for super huge breasts contact us).

  • Sex Doll cases

The flying case for the sex doll has 3 padlocks and is easy to move. It is the best solution to conceal your purchase!

  • Repair kits

For TPE and Silicone repair kit, if you order with a doll we will try to ship it together. Regulation on liquids by air freight has a lot of restrictions so we have to send them in a different package sometimes.

The TPE stain remover works best with all dolls from the Jinsan factory (YL Doll – WM Doll).

All our sex doll accessories are shipped discreetly with registered mail!


TPE Stain Remover (Pack of 4) – WM Doll / YL Doll

TPE Stain Remover (Pack of 4)

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Sexy Lingerie Outfit

Sexy Lingerie Outfit