Climax Doll – Mini Silicone

Looking for a large collection of Small Sex dolls? Then Climax might be the right choice for you. Whether you are looking for a sex toy or for a doll for your collection, you will find something for you in our Climax dolls catalog.

The smallest minis with top quality!

All the dolls are full silicone bodies with silicone heads or vinyl heads.

Each Climax doll will only have a vagina opening (due to its small size). They are easy to handle, easy to store, or easy to conceal.

Looking for specific customization?

Ask us if you have specific needs for body color or make-up. We will make it happen!

Shipping Restrictions

We can’t import these small dolls into Australia. Please check bigger size dolls like 130cm or 140cm and up.

Climax Doll mini dolls collection