Buyer Protection, shop at ease with Realistic Love Doll

Buyer protection for Realistic Love Doll is both to secure your payment privacy and your own personal health safety.

Buying a love doll online worth thousands of dollars can be a bit scary, a lot of websites will show you really beautiful solid sex dolls for almost the price of a blowup one!

At Realistic Love Doll, we back you up!

How a sex doll is created and what materials are used

You have to keep in mind that a solid doll, is hours and hours of work and are for most of them made on-demand. The doll is built around a metallic skeleton, like this one from Jinsan factory (WM Dolls and YL dolls)

Jinsan Skeleton TPE
Jinsan Skeleton TPE

The skeleton is totally surrounded by TPE or Silicone, so it’s heavy. After this step, the sex doll is sent for the make-up, and ready to be ship to our customers.

Realistic Love Doll – reseller of genuine great sex dolls brands

At Realistic Love Doll, we are a trusted reseller of WM Dolls, Hitdoll/Z-Onedoll, Your Doll, Sanhui (and more to come).

Selling genuine dolls is for you the safest way to shop online as all their products have passed tests that prove their safety.

For WM Dolls, all our dolls are backed back with their own certificate of authenticity.

All our sex dolls are CE certified and the TPE and Silicone used have certification. (Available upon request).

This is how we can ensure our buyer protection here at Realistic Love Doll, in both payment and customer health safety.

Thanks to the Yotpo review system, all the customer reviews we have are legit and processed through their system. Real reviews from real customers.

Realistic Love Doll is located in Asia, and Europe (Company in France, and Taiwan), we visit our suppliers on a regular basis to keep our products/prices/options up to date.

It’s also useful to be close to our suppliers for customer service.

Order process at Realistic Love Doll

The order process at Realistic Love Doll is like this :

  1. You place an order on our sex doll boutique

Payment is made with PayPal, all financial information is on their side. PayPal is the strongest third-party payment processor online.

  1. Your sex Doll is put into production (10 days to 2 weeks)
  2. We send you a picture of your love doll order before shipping.
  3. When everything is fine on your side we ship the doll. At this point, it is still possible to change some minor details.

This way, you will know what you will receive and you can shop at ease

Realistic Love Doll guaranty you a trouble-free and seamless door-to-door shopping experience. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us!