AF Doll 168cm (5.51ft) TPE – Thin & Fit bodies

This AF Doll 168cm is one of the tallest model of AF Doll. If you like thin bodies this one is for you!

Long Legs and thin waist

This doll is very lightweight for its size. Thin body, nice breast, and thin waist, it’s perfect for someone who wants a bigger doll but not a hassle to move around.

Express shipping for a seamless experience

All orders are sent with express shipping and tracking number. For European customers, we can provide a custom clearing service.

Special orders?

During the production, we can go a little bit deeper into make-up. If you have a special request for make-up please let us know. We will make our best to make it happen.

For other requests just remind that body measurement can’t be changed unless we create a totally new doll!