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Unlocking the World of Mini Love Dolls: The Ultimate Guide for Collectors and Enthusiasts

Welcome to the ultimate guide for collectors and enthusiasts of mini love dolls! This comprehensive [...]

A First-Time Buyer’s Guide to Owning a Sex Doll: Tips and Considerations

Introduction: If you want to buy a sex doll and you don’t know where to [...]

WM Doll body 20 – 158cm Bimbo Doll

In April 2024, get ready to meet WL Doll’s newest sensation: the WM20 Bimbo Doll! [...]

S-TPE, new formula for WM Doll, Jinsan, and JK Doll

In 2024, Jinsan Factory introduced a new TPE formula for their brands Jinsan, JK, and [...]

Happy Chinese New Year 2024

This year, the holiday period in China spans from February 4th to the 16th. Please [...]

6YE Detachable Legs/Arms

If you are looking for a larger-sized sex doll but are constrained by space, this [...]

Jinsan Summer’s Discounts

Summer is here, and Jinsan is continuing their discounts. You can find all discounts and [...]

New Skeleton Hand from WM Doll – Ball Jointed 3.0

This year 2023 WM came with a new design of hand that won a Red [...]

How to change and adjust eyes on hard silicone heads

Irontech Doll makes this set of videos and will undoubtedly help you to handle this [...]

Real Oral Sex from SY Doll

SY Doll has released new heads in soft Silicone for a better Oral Sex experience [...]

Love is in the air with Irontech Doll!

Enjoy free options for your new loved one! Choose your Irontech Doll Silicone or TPE [...]