SEDoll – TPE Sex Dolls

SEDoll is a Chinese manufacturer based in Shenzhen since 2016. They also have an office in the US and a warehouse to offer expedited deliveries of a selection of dolls.

Attention to details

SEDoll pays attention to every detail when they design their own dolls. Each of them is really realistic. Improved skeletons and Robot Dolls are also available in the product range.

How to order your SEDOLL sex doll

You can customize your doll as you may already know but SEdoll also offers a wide range of additional options like outfits, doll stands, and much more.

Do not hesitate to check all the premium options to find something you may like.

Each doll comes with a certificate of authenticity you can check here.

Special inquiry & customs clearance

For customers in Europe, we can offer a customs clearance service, please contact us for more details, as well if you have special inquiries like wigs or special make-up

Our Collection of SEDoll

SE Doll 161cm (5,28ft) TPE - F and G cups

SEDoll TPE – Masami 161cm (5,28ft) F cup with SE#075


SE Doll 161cm (5,28ft) TPE - F and G cups

SEDoll TPE – Summer 161cm (5,28ft) F cup with SE#072