WM Dolls Options explained

Let’s deep into all the WM Dolls options available and see what they are exactly!

Where to customize my sex doll?

When you look at a doll, you will see under the “add to cart” button, the customization field.

You can see a drop down menu where you can start to play with the options.

Options and Customization fields

From here you can change a lot the look of your sex doll!

Head Customization

YL head

Here you can change the head of your doll, for WM Dolls, you have a large variety of choice as WM Dolls and YL Dolls are totally compatible.

Note that some heads are meant for smaller size love dolls and won’t look very good on bigger bodies.

It is also possible that the head you want (from a different photo-shooting) is not available on the list contact us!

We can check for you the size compatibility and arrange a certain head if not available on the list. The factory who produces WM and YL dolls has a hundred and more different heads.

You can find a list of heads from Jinsan here: WM Dolls Stand alone Heads TPE, Silicone & YL Dolls Stand alone Heads

Eye Colors

Blue Eyes

You can change the color of the eyes. These are like lenses you can change them at any time!

To manage the eyelashes, you can check our guide.

Hair customization

Wig9 WM Doll

You can change the wig of your doll. They are all one size fits all.

Hair Transplants

WM Dolls offers more options for hair with natural or original wig transplants.

With this you can choose the length, the color. All color for natural, and only Black, Blond and Brown color for natural hair.

Hair Implants length

Doing so the hair will be fixed to the head definitely. It Will be more realistic and easier to brush.

WM Doll hair tansplants process

Skin Customization

Skin Color

Here you can change the color of the body, you can also leave it the same as photo-shooting. Setting by default.

Body and Head are produced at the same time to have the same color grade.

If you need a specific color to match a previous doll please contact us.

Fingernail Customization

Finger nail clear for sex dolls
Finger nail clear for sex dolls

You have 2 choices natural or pink. All fingernails are glued and you can change them at any time.

Use makeup glue to change the fingernails, you won’t damage the TPE.

Toenail customization

Toe Nail colors

Same as previously, you can change them anytime with makeup glue.

Breasts customization (when available)

Breasts size

100cm mini TPE sex doll, a Realistic Love Doll exclusive mini love doll
100cm mini TPE Doll, a Realistic Love Doll exclusive mini love doll

Sometimes when available you can change the size of the breast size. By default it will be the size of the photo-shooting.

Not all the dolls have this option, because a new breast size means a new doll. If the option is not available there is no way to change its breast size.

Breasts implants

This is the least known option for most of the doll.

All the dolls are with hollow breast, means the inside in empty. The feeling will be really soft and easy to squizz.

You can also request 100% filled with TPE, the breast will more firm in hands.

Gel Breasts

The last option WM Doll released is the Gel implant. It gives some weight to the breast and keep a nice feel when you squizz the breast.

Gel Breasts

Areola Size & Color

Areola size 5cm

Here you can change the size of the areolas and the makeup color.

Enhanced mouth

Enhanced mouth details.

The standard hole for oral sex is just basic, with this option you can add more realism to your doll. Adding a tongue and a realistic uvula.

These options are fixed and can’t be removed once placed.

A second option is this Teeth and Tongue kit. It’s not compatible with the option above but gives more customization options.

Shrug Shoulders

This option will change the top of the skeleton. With more joints, you will have more options for upper body movements for your doll.

Vagina choice

Insert vagina for TPE Love doll, Realistic Love Doll
Insert for TPE Love doll, Realistic Love Doll

This is the most tricky choice, insert or built-in vagina. There is no better option, you can read our guide on how to choose your vagina type to have a better idea.

If you want to use a penis insert, the vagina has to be an insert.

Pubic Hairs

You can customize here the color and shape of pubic hairs. If you have a special request in shape and color contact us!

Labia Color

Pink color

You can customize the makeup of the labia. Any special color please contact us.

Standing Feet

155cm TPE sex doll - Body details
Standing Feet option

With reinforced feet and ankles, the doll can stand by herself. You need to find the balance point and the doll will keep the position.


If you need to store your doll and conceal it, this hard case with padlocks is the solution.

Hard Case with locks

Heating and Moaning

These 2 options will bring your Sex Doll to another level.

Plug safely your doll and wait for her body to warm up to a comfortable warm temperature. Perfect when you want to hug your loved one during cold winter nights.

The Moaning is triggered when the doll is shaked. The moaning box is located behind the head and can be recharged by USB.

Special Requests

If you have a special request, makeup, accessory, body-color, anything, contact us and we will do our best to make it happen!

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