WM Dolls – Mini dolls

If you are looking for a small-size sex doll, lack of space, affordable doll, or any other reason, the WM dolls mini-dolls are the perfect size for you

WM Dolls in a pocket-size

All our mini love dolls are genuine dolls and sold with the WM Doll Certificate of Authenticity 

You can shop from 65cm to 118cm including our best seller the 100cm WM Doll!

Customize her like a bigger doll

You can customize your small doll almost as a bigger size one! Due to the small size dome options may not be available (implants for example), and for the 100cm, the insert vagina will remove the anal way.

You can swap the heads with no issue but mind that it’s better to choose a head from the same range. We can’t set a 150cm doll’s head into a 100cm doll’s head for example.

WM Doll – Mini Love Dolls, production, and shipping time

All our WM Doll minis are made on-demand and the average production time is usually within 2 weeks. After confirmation of your doll setup, we will ship in a discreet package with   A tracking number.

The usual shipping time is less than a week (US)

Special Inquiry

If you need special makeup or a special wig please let us know. We will make our best to make it happen!

Shipping Restriction

Small Sex Dolls are forbidden in a lot of countries like the bigger ones but are also hard for exports in Australia.

We will not sell small sex dolls in Australia. If you are looking for a budget doll that is customs clearance ok, we recommend an AF Doll 140cm with huge breasts.