Caucasian Sex Dolls

Looking for a light-skinned girl blonde, brunette, or redhead doll, these Caucasian Sex Dolls are for you.

If you are an American, European, or Russian sex dolls lover, our sex dolls are from high-grade TPE and medical grade Silicone. Fully customizable they will fulfill all your needs and fantasy.

From Latina to Russian Sex Dolls

Shop from petite Latina sex dolls to the eastern Russian Sex Dolls!  Slavic women are tall with long blond hair. Stunning curves and devoted to her man.

Latina girls are outgoing, she will love to party with you and share a crazy moment with you!.

Large choice of head and bodies

You can build your dream Caucasian sex dolls from scratch or directly from photo-shooting. And some look like celebrities!

If you have something in mind and you can’t find your dream setup, drop us a line. We will make it happen!.


All our sex dolls come from reliable brands with years of experience in the market. They are from high-quality TPE or Silicone with a fully posable skeleton.