Jarliet dolls 158cm from small chest to a big chest

With Jarliet Dolls 158cm from small chest to big chest, you will have a choice of different chest sizes with a slim body.

Chest from A cup to very large breasts

You will find in each product description the detail of the sizes, do not hesitate to consult them. Cup sizes are A, B, F, and S for the largest breast.

Here are some body shapes you will find in this category with their weight.

Production and Shipping

The production of Jarliet dolls is usually 1 week. Once you have confirmed that the doll is suitable for you, shipping is usually 2 weeks to the United States of America and 5 to 6 weeks to Europe (customs clearance included for these 2 regions).

Our collection of Jarliet 158cm TPE dolls

Jarliet Doll 158cm from small chest to a big chest

158cm Sex Dolls (5ft18) – Big Breast – Jarliet – Enya