Sex Doll Head Selection

The sex doll head is one of the most complex accessory to choose from a sex doll. Do you want your next sex doll companion to be blond, brunette, asian, or caucasian ?

All sex dolls have interchangeable heads, so it’s easy to change you sex partner style in a finger snap !

The sex dolls make-up is long lasting but non permanent. It’s made by hand in factory so it’s possible to make some light changes in the colour if you request.

Sex dolls heads from Yourdoll and WMdolls are compatible, but only between them. Other brand can only fit their own doll range.

Some head are smaller than other ones, the mini sex dolls can’t fit bigger dolls.

  • Enhanced mouth

All Jinsan heads (Yourdoll and WM Dolls) can have the enhanced mouth option. It is a realistic tongue and uvula.

Each head comes with a free wig to choose.

  • Brand Specific

Sex dolls heads are brand specific, please use the shop menu on the lest to look for a specific brand.

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