YL Dolls, TPE Sex Dolls

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Detailed shooting from front/side/back in standing position. All of them are listed on one page to better compare the different shapes!

Sex dolls’ bodies are offering a wide range of sizes/shapes. From the small size and huge breasts to tall and fit bodies!

YL Dolls sex dolls options

These sex dolls share the same options as WM Dolls.

Enhanced Mouth: The mouth cavity is more realistic with the tongue and uvula.

Enhanced Shoulders: Using the latest skeleton, the upper body is more posable. Featuring way more positions moving shoulders.

Standing Feet: With reinforced ankles, the doll can stand by herself.

Breast: The standard is Hollow, which means the breasts are empty and very bouncy. It is possible to order them totally filled with TPE. They will be heavier and firmer.

Casing: If you need to conceal your doll, hard cases are available with key locks.

WM Doll heads and YL heads are compatible. Wigs, and eyes can be changed at any time.

If you need special make-up for your head let us know. We will do our best to make it happen. Note that the make-up is semi-permanent to not damage the doll.

All dolls are sent with a certificate of authenticity you can input on YL Doll website.

Production time

Orders are usually fulfilled within 2 weeks, when the doll is ready we send you pictures to review your order.