WM Doll certificate of authenticity

Since December 2019 WM Doll includes in each order a sticker with a code.

Maybe you have noticed that since now, all WM Dolls photo shooting is coming with a watermark.

This helps a little bit for the customer to see if the photo-shooting is a legit one, but a lot of websites are copying these pictures from other authorized resellers

Because more and more Chinese factories are offering counterfeits sex dolls using WM Dolls pictures they are now using a new system to counter this.

The WM Doll serial number!

Help us to fight these websites, and report any illegal sellers to this address :

Where to find the WM Doll certificate of authenticity, and how does it look like?

The WM Doll certificate of authenticity is a sticker placed into a plastic bag in each order.

You have to reveal the code and enter it in this website: http://www.wmdolls.com/anti/report.php

Realistic Love Doll is an authorized sex doll reseller and all our WM Dolls products are delivered with this code.

With this certificate, you are sure to buy a legit WM Doll sex doll! You can also contact them directly and ask about us!.

If you have any question feel free to contact us.

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