AF Doll 156cm (5.11ft) TPE – Huge Breast

Big breasts are not enough for you? Do you want to push the limit of breast size? Here you are, these AF Doll 156cm with huge breasts are the one for you.

Big breasts? no! huge breasts!

With a breast size of 118cm you will literally swim inside them. These are mostly the biggest breasts in AF Doll collections.

Slim body with tremendous breasts.

Storage advice

With big breasts like this, we recommend using a hook to put the doll into a closet for example. And with the help of a towel, you can lift the breasts a little bit. This way the breast will be held by the towel and the TPE will not stretch with time.

Special customizations

Do you need special make-up? You don’t fond the wig you like or the head? Feel free to contact us. We will help you solve your problems.