Blonde Sex Dolls

All our blonde sex dolls are made from top-quality TPE and Silicone. These sexy women are meant to fulfill your desire!

Sexy Blonde Sex Dolls just for you!

Like all our other sex dolls, you can customize these blonde barbies sex dolls the way you want. With real feel skin, standing position in option, or enhanced mouth, for example, these bombshells will bring you to the sex heaven.

Tall and Athletic

The latest WM Doll 166cm is all this. Long legs, skinny but fit body, and tight breast!. You can also choose tanned skin as she also likes to go surfing!

Imagine her at the gym doing a workout and waiting for you to take the shower! Also once in bed, she will have so much energy for you!

Are you ready for her? Because she is ready for you!


When we talk about blonde love dolls, the bombshell is the word that comes first. Stunning body, perfect breast, hot and leggy, blue eyes. They drive you crazy right?

We can deliver this dream just for you!

Look at the gallery below and search for the blonde love doll that makes you horny!.

Petite Blonde

Looking for something lightweight? Have a look at the 140cm or even the mini 100cm. They are easy to carry and offer the same quality as the bigger ones. Just in a smaller size!

Even small size the posable skeleton will offer you a lot of positions, even those you never asked!

Find the sexy blonde sex doll you deserve!