Japanese Sex Dolls

Japanese Sex Dolls are something special. When we talk about Chinese girls or other Asian girls we picture a cute girl, with short black hair.

But when we talk about Japanese Sex Dolls we picture something different. We think about the tall and skinny girls with grace or petite and slender girls. We also picture anime, manga, cosplay, and kimono!

Here is our selection of dolls to fulfill your deepest fantasies.

With realistic features like enhanced mouth, or improved skeleton. These gorgeous dolls will bring you all the satisfaction you need!


In Japan, the Geisha is into the arts and into serving men. They are skilled in music, dance, games, and anything social.

At Realistic Love Doll, you can set up your own Geisha. Choose any of the Japanese Sex Dolls and picture her wearing a Kimono with long black hair.

Now picture her without kimono! Now you got it!


If cute is the word you choose to describe a Japanese Sex Doll you are at the right place. Set up your doll with a cute face and small size breasts.

Make her wear a schoolgirl outfit and you are ready for the manga cuteness! It’s now up to you to choose to undress her!


Yes, Japanese love dolls are beautiful, you can choose from a large selection of bodies, heads, and wigs. For some brands, you have also the option to add implanted hair (natural or not) as an option to make your sex doll life-like.