WM Dolls – Silicone Heads

the WM Dolls – Silicone heads are as well compatible with TPE sex dolls and of course, Silicone sex dolls.

Realistic face and feeling

With a Silicone head, your sex doll will step up another level of realism. With very fine and accurate painting, combined with implanted hair (if you choose the option), your love doll will be very lifelike

Implanted hair limitations

Because of the process of hair implantation, the head will lose the oral sex way (the TPE or the Silicone needs to be hardened a lot to receive the hair.

The delay for such an option is usually 3 weeks.

Body-color compatibility.

If you still remember the color of your sex doll we can match the color of the silicone head. If not, with a picture the factory will be able to know it.

Special Make-up

If you need special make-up, feel free to ask us! We will do our best to reach your needs.