AF Doll 170cm (5.57ft) TPE

This doll’s size features a fit body with super large breasts. With 47kg you will feel these AF Doll 170cm in your hands

Super breast, fit body

Check out all the options for these dolls and customize yours the way you like. Featuring a muscular body with super huge breasts and firm ass, they are 170cm of pure pleasure.

Add on top of that a moaning option and you will have something lifelike in your bed.

Handling warning

Because of the size and the weight of the dolls we recommend you take extensive care while moving the doll around. Don’t damage the doll but above all don’t hurt yourself!

Inquiries? special requests?

If you have questions about these AF Doll 170cm feel free to contact us. As all dolls are made to order it’s possible to customize make-up a little bit more.

If you don’t find a head you like we can assist you as well.