SY Doll 157cm (5ft15) TPE

This 157cm Love Doll is the smallest of the SY Doll range.

You can either choose a pre-optioned 157cm sex doll or customize all the various options of the Sex Doll from scratch

This particular size is featuring a Big Ass of 123cm. If you like chubby women and you are on a budget, this one is for you.

This affordable SY 157cm TPE Sex Doll size is also perfect for anyone who want to starts the Sex Doll hobby.

Here are some of the body details for your reference :

Shoulder 38cm (14,96″)
Bust 95cm (37,40″)
Arms 66cm (26″)
Waist 74cm (29,13″)
Hips 123cm (48,42″)

How to order your SY Doll 157cm

Select the body you want, from customizing everything to choose from sex doll photo-shooting.

Once you order is ready we will sending you all the detail of your order for you to double check. Once everything is ok we will dispatch the doll.