6YE Doll – Premium TPE Dolls

6YE Doll is a premium TPE doll manufacturer.

Their TPE formula stands out from other brands as it is designed to be odorless, with no oil smell, ensuring a pleasant unboxing experience.

Once fully cleaned, the TPE material becomes completely odorless.

Durability in Stretching

6YE Dolls are designed to withstand extended poses without tearing, particularly in the elbow and knee joints.

Equipped with a ball-joint skeleton, these dolls can easily maintain their favorite poses.

Highly Realistic Details

6YE prioritizes realism, especially in intimate areas. With meticulously detailed labia and anus, their dolls offer an unparalleled lifelike appearance.

Ease of Use

An improved head connector ensures effortless attachment between the head and body. Additionally, compatibility with an M16 connection system provides added convenience for users with compatible heads.

Customization Made Simple

With a wide range of eye colors, wigs, nail colors, and skin tones available, customizing your doll to match your preferences has never been easier.

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