6YE Doll – Premium Dolls

6YE Doll is a premium TPE doll manucturer.

TPE with no Oil no Smell

They stand out from other brands by offering an improved formula of TPE to offer a better smell while opening your parcel.

Once fully cleaned the TPE will be odorless!

Stretching Durability

The TPE is able to stand for more extended poses and is less likely to have tears in the elbow/knee joints.

Using a ball-joint skeleton, it will be easier for the doll to keep your favorite pose!

Highly Realistic Details

For 6YE having realistic private parts is really important. With highly detailed labia and anus, your doll will look more life-like than any other!

Easy to operate

With an improved head connecter, the connection head/body is effortless!

Easy to customize

With a large selection of eye colors, wigs, nail colors, and skin colors, it’s easy to set up the doll the way you dream of her!

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