Irontechdoll mini sex dolls – Starter Series

Starter Series is the Irontechdoll mini sex dolls lineup. They are covering 8 different adult faces and 5 different bodies

Real bodies but at a smaller size

If you are looking for a budget doll but still have realistic body curves, these dolls are for you.

The starter series are using 2 different real human buttocks to make the experience as genuine as possible.

Size available from 103cm to 115cm.

Customizations same as the bigger sex dolls

You can still customize the skin, wig, and everything the same as the bigger dolls.

As the breasts are of a smaller size only the gel option will be missing.

Special make-up and body colors.

If you have a special request about the make-up of body color, please contact us. We will check if it’s possible and we will do our best to make it happen.

Starter Series