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Shop WM Dolls directly from the factory ! All orders are made-to-order.

How to choose your Sex Doll

It is possible to shop your doll in 2 ways.

You can select a pre-optioned sex doll, or started from scratch from a body type.

WM Doll options

You can choose different options from enhanced mouth, standing feet, labia colour, and more.

Once your order is ready you will receive an email with in factory pictures of your order. You will check the makeup, the wig,and the overall of your sex doll.

At this point it will still be possible to change some details of your WM Doll.

Skin Colour – How to match your already owned doll

All dolls are also available without any head if you already possess one.

In this case please send us a picture of your head in order to match as close as possible the skin tone. (if you still have the colour details it’s even better).

Hollow Breast or Solid Breast

For the breast feeling, WM Doll provides Hollow breast as basic setup for all the sizes. If you need full TPE breast (firmer breasts) it is possible and you need to choose the option or contact us.

$2,490.00 $1,699.00
$2,490.00 $1,799.00
$2,390.00 $1,690.00