Bring your WM Doll to the next level!

We don’t need to introduce WM Doll again and the quality of their sex dolls.

But with this latest features, the level of improvement is amazing.

A Sex Doll more realistic than ever

theses 3 options will turn your Wm Doll Sex Doll into lifelike body

Body Temperature

Who doesn’t want to cuddle against a warm doll during winter. BEfore we could achieve that using heating blankets and putting the doll into a warm bath.

Now with integrated heating system, just plug your doll and enjoy a warm body within 1h, and lasting for a few hours.

Moaning sounds

When your doll shakes, the box will emit moaning sounds

Breathing system

Now with this latest improvement, you will really feel to be close to living body.

Please note that this option only works for dolls 150cm and breasts C cup and up (not compatible with heating body)

WM Doll male doll breathing
charging port + on/off button

Once fully charged the battery can sustain the breathing for a few hours

Hand Skeleton

With this option, no more wires inside the hand. This option will give you the ability to put the fingers in a more realistic position.

This option is only for bigger size dolls (140cm and up).

If you have any question feel free to contact us

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