S-TPE, new formula for WM Doll, Jinsan, and JK Doll

In 2024, Jinsan Factory introduced a new TPE formula for their brands Jinsan, JK, and WM Doll, boasting enhanced elasticity and tear resistance.

More Elasticity and resistance to tears

Traditionally, TPE could be easily damaged if stretched for extended periods. However, this new S-TPE formula has undergone rigorous testing, enduring stressful positions for 30 days without showing signs of wear and returning to its original state after bearing weight for 3 days.

Improved make-up

Furthermore, S-TPE allows for incredibly realistic makeup application. Yet, since Jinsan employs a spray-on makeup technique, redoing it is exceedingly difficult. Hence, we strongly advise customers to be certain about makeup color preferences for the face or private parts, as once applied, it cannot be altered.

Color and softness

As time progresses, Jinsan Factory plans to introduce additional colors and a broader range of softness options for S-TPE.

Should you have any inquiries regarding the latest S-TPE, feel free to reach out to us!

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