How to store your sex doll

how to store your sex doll

Buying a sex doll is usually a long time buying process. And don’t forget to also think about how to store your sex doll after you receive it!

Storage conditions are very important to keep your doll in perfect condition for a very long time.

Here are a few recommendations to make your life easier and make your sex doll life longer!

Laying position.

A doll in a sitting position will get the TPE/Silicone stretched too much for too long. Vary the position, don’t let your doll for weeks in the same position.

This is something we experience in the showroom where dolls are in the same position for months or even years!.

You can keep the export carton you received to store the doll. Keep the foam and anything in place for later use!.

how to store your sex doll

Upright or horizontal position

It’s up to you, both are good but the upright position is better for the TPE/Silicone.

For the upright position, you just need the neck hook and a sturdy hanger/closet.

For bigger size boobs dolls here it is a trick to help the breast!

How to store large size breast doll

Need to conceal your doll?

For those who need to conceal their sex doll, you can buy a box with locks. It looks like a guitar flying case or sound system flying case. It’s heavy with wheels and locks. None will ask!

Solid flycase

Room temperature

This is something to consider as well, don’t let your doll in over hot or cold condition.

We have this customer who left a head into a box outside in a box in Texas for a few hours and the head literally melted!

If you feel that the doll is sticky after long storage you can use baby powder to make it smooth again.

The « ok » temperature for dolls is between -50 to +40 degrees (Celsius).

Remove the clothes

Remove the clothes when you store the doll you will avoid any color transfer after a long time in contact. If you need to cover the doll using a piece of white fabric, like bedsheets.

We hope this small article helped you on how to store your sex doll. If you have comments or other info to share do not hesitate to contact us!

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