Insert Vagina or Built-in Vagina ? How to choose !

Insert vagina for TPE Love doll, Realistic Love Doll

Insert Vagina or Built-in Vagina ?


When you buy your sex doll, the choice of vagina can be tricky. We will view on this post some basic points you need to take into consideration during your purchase.

Before the insert technology was not as good as nowadays and we had really weird looking vaginas in the market (image below)

Old vagina insert from WM Dolls
Old vagina insert from WM Dolls

With these old school inserts we can understand that the level of realism was not really high.

Nowadays inserts are like tubes, that you will fit inside the vagina.

Insert for TPE Love doll, Realistic Love Doll
Insert for TPE Love doll, Realistic Love Doll

They come in different sizes and are easily replaceable.

The outside look of a built-in vagina vs an insert vagina is the same once in place. The difference will be during the intercourse itself, as you will have to fit in the insert. Otherwise the inside of the vagina or of the insert is strictly the same and you will have the same feeling.

Pros and Cons

The outside look will be the same, but the feeling of this extra layer will not be as realistic as a built-in vagina, so for this point built-in is better.

The cleaning is something you will have to do each time after the intercourse. Especially without condoms. The built-in will be way easier to clean as you will not have to carry your doll around to clean the vagina.

Durability, because the insert can be replaced. If becomes old you just have to dispose it and buy a new one.

Versatility, with the new Shemale insert, all insert dolls car turn into a ladyboy ! and add a new function to your doll for an affordable price.

Shemale Insert

Note that for the 100cm dolls, if the doll is setup with an insert the anus will not be available (no space).

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