New Skeleton Hand from WM Doll – Ball Jointed 3.0

This year 2023 WM came with a new design of hand that won a Red Dot award in 2022, pushing the innovation little further and still being the major brand in TPE and now in Silicone dolls!

At the moment this upgrade is available for dolls 140cm and up for YL Doll, WM Doll and JK Doll.

Differences between hand 2.0 and 3.0

Both hands are improved design from the old finger-wires hands. The 3.0 will feature a ball-jointed for an improved durability and a fully fledged realism.

Below the 2.0 Hand

Skeleton hand 2.0

3.0 Ball-Jointed New Design

Differences between the old 2.0 and the new 3.0

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