Is Sex Dolls artificial intelligence the next step ?

Sex Dolls artificial intelligence

Is Sex Dolls artificial intelligence the next step ?

We all heard about this Japanese mall with a robot at the store front , helping and guiding people to find their way This is still the early stage of this new innovation in our daily life. But, still in Japan, we can find Hotel run by Robots. Is it the first stage of a process to replace the humans ? And how fast will this go ? On the sex doll industry, the first brand to come up with such product is Real Doll, the doll is capable of basic AI for the price of nearly 15000 USD ! The price to pay to have the first wave of AI Sex dolls. But on the other side, brands like Z-onedoll are in the market with a robot doll. The first very wave of this doll was November 2016.  It is a Robot doll with no AI functions just basic facial movement you can control with an android app.
Z-oneDoll Intelligent Dolls
Z-oneDoll Intelligent APP
We can see on the right the basic functions : Chatting, Sounds, Expression, Heating and the control of the facial expression.  Today, this doll is in a huge rework stage because of the very bad first design. All the software were built-in with no update function and also only in Chinese. Now the OS has been updated into English, and updates can be done with a USB cable. Leading the possibility to updates and also sounds customization. The Z-onedoll actual intelligent dolls can moan when you squizz their breast and also the buttocks, and you can also control the body temperature. This is the very first stage of sex artificial intelligence and combined with a good AI software. This doll can become a real robot !

The next step ?

We can expect from Z-onedoll a fully workable Robot Doll within 2018, and maybe in a timeframe of 2 years their first sex doll with artificial intelligence  ! 2018 edit : For Zonedoll, the 1st robot doll has been suspended, the lack of English in the menu and the impossibility to change language forced them to rethink the project. We today don’t know how long it will take for them to come up with a workable doll. For us, they have to remain low in price as they don’t want to compete with Real Doll Sex Dolls What do you expect for this new kind of sex dolls artificial intelligence ?

2 thoughts on “Is Sex Dolls artificial intelligence the next step ?

  1. Bruce DR says:

    what about a doll that can help me take care of my insulin and pills? Help me pickup books and paper, ect.. I have a hard time walking and bending down. A robotic friend would be with me all the time. Monitoring my health conditions would really help my doc. take better care of me.

    • Realistic Love Doll says:

      We are not that far away in robotic, especially for sex dolls. But we can imagine a doll that can help you manage your schedule and read your mail. We have an upcoming brand of AI dolls that starts to offer this technology. It can be like a virtual assistant to manage your reminders.

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