Intelligent dolls from Z-onedoll

These sex dolls are called intelligent dolls because they have a unique features compared to the TPE ones. Zonedoll’s intelligent Silicone dolls have the heating for all the products and during your order you can choose between a second head (for free) OR the sounds feature (for Free).

Sounds and Heating can be controlled with an APP (Android) and sounds can be now uploaded at your will directly by you (limit of 15Mo files size in total).

Intelligent Platinum dolls are from high grade Silicone, comes with heating and/or sounds. All heads (except the 25), are oral ready.

A heated body placed in bed unplugged can keep the body temperature for 4hours, giving you enough time to fall asleep alongside your doll with a nice body temperature !

The heat will be located in the arms, chest, legs, 90% of the body will be warmed safely from inside !

Z-oneDoll Intelligent Dolls
Z-oneDoll Intelligent APP

Z-onedoll jacks
Z-onedoll jacks