Intelligent sex dolls

Intelligent sex dolls are dolls that have a basic reaction to stimuli or can sustain conversation by AI. The latest group is called robot sex dolls.

Heating Feature

Plug your sex doll and wait until the doll is fully warm. You can after enjoy a few hours with a warm body next to you!

More and more brands are offering this feature, the heat will radiate from chest and thighs and can last enough to enjoy warmed intercourse or to fall asleep close to your loved one.

Sino-Doll for Silicone is doing sex dolls with this heating option.

Sounds/moaning option

The second option that is also possible to have is the sounds options.

This option works when you press the doll in specific areas, breasts, thighs, vagina. The sex doll will play sound (if the battery is charged enough).

SinoDoll Sound System

The video shows you how to use the option by touching specific parts. This sound system you saw is from Sino-Doll. You can see all the sino-doll options here.

AF doll for TPE also offers the same type of option (different sounds)

Robot Sex dolls

AI Tech Doll is a supplier of sex dolls with AI. These dolls are able to sustain a conversation and with a yearly subscription the software can be updated according to your doll progresses.

Deep Learning will push your doll into new limits! More and more lifelike!

Example of Intelligent dolls

Some sex dolls than can have the sound option or the heating option.