How To remove Stain on TPE doll

TPE Stain remover - How To remove Stain on TPE doll

How To remove Stain on TPE doll

TPE Stain Remover

How to remove stain on TPE doll from WM DOLLS or Yourdoll with a TPE Stain Remover

TPE is a material that can easily get damaged by clothes if they are wet or on the doll for a too long period of time. Especially darker colours.

WM Dolls as developed a TPE Stain remover that only requires times. Just remind that this kit works best for clothes stain, if the colour is too strong (paint, permanent marker), it might not work as well as presented below.

Same for all repair job, work on a clean doll, remove all dust, hairs ….  basically anything that can prevent the stain remover to work properly.

The Stain Remover is a small pot of white cream. You can buy it separately or with our TPE repair kit.

First, apply the cream on the area you want to clean

If you use your fingers to apply wash carefully your hands after working on the doll. We recommend to use Latex Gloves to protect your skin.

Wait at least 4 hours and you can see the colour starting to fade away !

After 24h the stain is gone ! and without damaging the doll. !

This TPE Stain remover is only for TPE dolls of brands WM Dolls and Yourdoll. The product is designed and produced by WM dolls which uses the same factory as Yourdoll ones. So the product is based on their TPE specification. If your TPE doll is from another brand please contact us and we will make sure the product will work on your TPE Sex doll.

Download our pdf : How to remove a stain on TPE Doll

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